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What is RDS?

Ryan Design Studio LLC 

is a woman-owned graphic and digital design agency based in Pittsburgh, PA. 


RDS transforms clients' ideas and visions into customized artwork and modern visuals. 

Why choose RDS?

As a hobby-turned-profession that began with sketches at a kitchen table, RDS knows the value and importance of logo, design, and branding for every client. Helping people establish their name & brand, and bring visions to life is the foundation of RDS.

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Holly Ryan

Owner & Graphic Designer

Ryan Design Studio LLC

Holly is the owner and lead graphic designer of Ryan Design Studio LLC. Each logo, illustration, sign, and design are handmade, so clients know they receive unique, custom-crafted work every time. 

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For more than 10 years, Holly has created mixed-media art and designs for friends and family, keeping her art skills on a smaller scale as an infrequent hobby. Over the years, it became apparent that Holly's skills could grow into a successful business, and Ryan Design Studio LLC came to life. Holly's years of physical art, digital design, project management, and continued dedication to learning new skills have led this self-made digital designer to success! 

Graphic Designer - Holly Ryan - sitting at a desk with a computer

Away from the studio, Holly enjoys playing competitive volleyball, walking around the city, playing games, and spending time with

family, friends, and her cat. Holly's favorite colors are rich earth tones and leafy greens.



RDS serves a wide variety of commercial and private industries, including restaurant groups, start-ups, non-profit organizations, weddings and events, and more.

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“I was so impressed with the level of professionalism and vision RDS was able to provide. She took my vague idea for a dessert display and turned it into a design so sweet we wanted to eat it!"

Hannah M.

I've been using RDS for artwork in my shoppe for a few years and I love it. Customers always comment on how great the presentation is, and I'm happy to have a business partner like RDS that I can trust to make spectacular designs that fit the atmosphere. She makes it look easy!"

Nina K.

"So glad to have discovered RDS, and find out just how versatile and flexible the agency is. Any new idea or concept I come up with is met with enthusiasm and creativity. RDS provides a 360-degree service that make it so easy and streamlined as a customer, and RDS doesn't stop until we're both 100% happy... And I'm always 110% satisfied with my designs and products."

Diana M.

"I used RDS for my wedding and I couldn't have been more impressed and thankful for everything Holly did to make the design process so easy and turn out beautiful. There is such a personal aspect to weddings and it was a huge relief to have someone who understood the importance and genuinely wanted to help us have an amazing day. All of our guests loved her work, and I'm constantly on the lookout for the next thing RDS can help me create!"

Lindsay M.

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