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Ryan Design Studio LLC helps clients develop a visual identity and strong branding to stand out among competitors, by incorporating tone, style, and voice, and creating a custom color palette and branded assets. By creating the right type(s) of logos, RDS supports the client's mission and aims of visual and brand communication. 

Mara Boronsky Photography.:
Logo and Brand Redesign

Mara Boronsky Photography. brand features neutral tones, simple font styles, and a logo incorporating images of the actual photographer and their camera. Design elements reflect a bold yet simplistic style while providing versitility in combination based on desired use (social media, website, print, etc.)

Camera with Strap - Polaroid
Camera only - Polaroid
Silhouette with Camera - Polaroid
Silhouette Lean with Camera - Polaroid
Mara Boronsky Photography - 1
Mara Boronsky Photography - 2
Mara Boronsky Photography - 3
Mara Boronsky Photography - 4
Mara Boronsky Photography - 5
Mara Boronsky Photography - 6
Mara Boronsky Photography - 7
Mara Boronsky Photography - 8
Mara Boronsky Photography - 9

Avalon Veterinary Hospital

Avalon Veterinary Hospital brand redesign and web strategy features a neutral light blue and purple-gray color palette. Phase I redesign includes only standard typography within the proposed logos. Product mockups include transitioning these digital logos to printed media in the form of treat pouches, company scrubs, water bowls and leashes, and a drawstring bag. Phase II will incorporate expanding the visual identity to include more dynamic and playful typefaces within the logos, additional branded assets and marks, a full website redesign, and marketing campagin launch.

2 R Architecture

2 R Architecture is a small startup firm providing design and architectural consulting services in Virginia. This minimalist brand features a neutral gray-blue color palette and primarily circular combination and pictoral marks. Product mockups include transitioning this digital logo to printed media in the form of business cards, embroidery and patches, and vinyl decal stickers/magnets.

Everyday Sommelier

Ryan Design Studio created the fictitious Everyday Sommelier company and website to demonstrate branding and visual identity possibilities. Visit:

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