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Weddings, Special Events, and Food Displays

Ryan Design Studio LLC has created decorations and signage for several weddings, special events, and restaurants around the Pittsburgh area, which are the perfect additions to any venue. 

Some examples include seating charts, entryway signage, dessert and food displays, and more!

Restaurants, Storefronts, and Food Displays

Ryan-Milke Wedding

The Ryan-Milke wedding featured elegent gold accent decor to compliment the black-and-white venue. Ryan Design Studio created a full decor set, including an entryway sign, custom placecards, and tabletop signage. Check out this venue:

Midgely-Kelman Wedding

The Midgely-Kelman wedding features some of Ryan Design Studio's largest physical creations to-date, including a custom seating chart on refurbished doors, a cookie table mirror and door, an entryway sign, and a memorial section to commemorate those who have passed. Check out this venue:

Additional Wedding Decor

Additional seating charts and entryway signage for the Molnar-Stephens wedding and the Orrico-Fasnacht wedding.

Restaurants, Storefronts,
and Food Displays

Life is sweeter with desserts! Ryan Design Studio LLC has created several unique food displays for storefronts, restaurants, birthday parties, weddings, and more! Visit Pittsburgh's sweetest local shoppe: Order custom desserts and goodies: Stop in for some great eats: