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Welcome to Ryan Design Studio LLC!

We are here to answer any questions you may have.


These are a few common

items clients ask about

when working with RDS.

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There is a base price for service and labor hours provided, and additional pricing based on the design package and details desired.


For additional information, please email RDS or fill out the contact form linked below. 

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Ask questions!

RDS is here to partner with clients to execute their creative visions and bring their designs to life. We want clients to have the product they imagine, so RDS will do our best to incorporate feedback as much as possible without compromising design elements.

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All work produced by Ryan Design Studio LLC is custom made for clients. Any resemblance to existing content is entirely  coincidental and RDS holds no responsibility for similarities.

Any content produced by the Ryan Design Studio LLC may not be reproduced, modified, or sold for profit outside of the terms established within the client's service agreement.

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A 50% payment is due at the time of agreement, and will be required prior to any design work being completed. The remainder of payment is due when the client has received their final executed product(s).

Payment can be completed online via digital invoice.

For a small convenience fee, RDS will also accept payments made via Venmo or PayPal. 

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Each design package includes a standard number of revisions in the price to modify a design to client specifications after the initial conceptualization. Once the amount of purchased revisions has been reached, any additional changes will be added to the final price for a flat fee per revision.


Revisions include & are not limited to modifications such as:

  • Changing of typeface or lettering

  • "Physical" tweaking to the design itself (spacing, proportions, etc.)

  • Adding supplemental details or elements

Not a revision:

A new design entirely.

Concept changes will be considered a new design request and pricing will be addressed accordingly. 

Alterations are included within the design process at no additional cost and include modifications such as:

  • Color changes to design or background

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RDS has several design packages to choose from, depending on what type of product(s) a client is interested in. We welcome all new ideas and are always ready for new concepts. RDS can also customize a design package if the established packages aren't quite the right fit for a client's design vision.

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The final design envelope will include the requested logo or image, its variations, a hex-coded color palette, typography options, and/or mockups for application of the logo or design.

Other brand-specific items can be included as well if requested.

A La Carte Branding Examples:

  • Copy/content for a design

  • Website creation and/or management 

  • Synchronizing existing content, designs, or products into a holistic brand

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Designs will be compiled into a digital binder, formatted as PDFs, PNGs, and JPEGs. Any additional file formats can be requested and included. 


Note - some file formats may not be ideal for certain designs.

RDS can assist in finding the appropriate export settings to suit any design.

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